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Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

Semi Film: Dirty Maria (Subtitle English)

Year: 1998
Duration: 01:20:10
Directed by: Takahisa Zeze
Actors: Akira Yoshino, Taro Suwa, Shoko Kudo, Kazuhiro Sano and Yota Kawase
Language: Japanese (English subs)
Country: Japan


Taro Suwa plays Murakami, a cab driver whose wife Mayumi has gone missing. He fears that she may have run off with another man (and this is partly the case, as she was knocking off both her boss and also another colleague, Sawai, on the side) - or gotten into trouble by involving herself with a 'telephone dating club', a service which hooks up strangers looking for easy, anonymous sex, no questions asked. However, neither of these are the case: in fact (and this is not spoilertastic, since this event takes place within the first eight minutes of the movie), she has been murdered by a morose woman who has a day job at the beauty salon which his wife worked at. After offing Mayumi in her living-room, she dispassionately chops the body up in the bathroom and later, after taking her son to school, she deposits the remains into several disparate trashbins around town. However, on nearly getting caught dropping off the last two bags into a bin, she decides instead to put them into a coin locker at the station. But what, exactly, was this woman's motive to kill Mayumi? It seems that she was, simply, jealous of everything Mayumi had. So when Murakami turns up at the salon, under the false impression that Mayumi has run off with the boss, it is the murderess who intervenes to help him. After finding out that some of the bags containing Mayumi's corpse have been found, she spins Murakami a yarn about how Mayumi had said she might be going to a snowy spa retreat up in the mountains.

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