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Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

Semi Film: Ageha Chou – Jouou E No Michi (No Subtitle Indonesia)

Roppongi “Papillon.” The same store a few very popular hostess, who had two number one cast. Rumors of a virgin and alone, Ayame pay attention to each customer over (Ota Masako). The other one, La Traviata in a posture not hesitate to drop a thick business customers pillow (Sofia field and live.) Ino Takashi Traviata pride, honor and also related to the cue ball in black, and Hirose the manager has been trying to keep the number one spot.

Such “Papillon” with Yuri (Misugi ASCA) has been into the shop. Immediately, the approaches try to help La Traviata. However, before the fly shop was Wakeari lily.

One night, her first visit twill be surprised to see visitors. It was Wada’s former lover. Wada and was aiming for a chef, pastry Ayame I was dreaming. But a woman who lost her father in the cerebral twill, hostesses chose to transfer money to my mother and three sisters. Meanwhile, the city put out a hand to gold shops or debt issued in conjunction with senior Wada was pursued by collecting from a gangster himself.

Roppongi at night. Desire to love and hate and a variety of men and women, continue to shine tonight … neon signs. – via google translate.

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