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Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Game: Stuart little 2

Based on E.B. White's creation, Stuart Little once again comes full circle from literary character to movie star to video game in Stuart Little 2 for PC. A 3D adventure based on scenes from the 2002 movie, Stuart and his new friend Margalo embark on five adventures while avoiding their thieving adversary, Falcon. Whether skateboarding across rooftops of New York Skyscrapers or hopping to and from colorful, ascending balloons, players choose from three difficulty levels to play the five games in either Story Mode or Free Play.

Playing to beat the clock and the top ten recorded scores, each game features Stuart on the move searching for his mother's lost ring. Daredevil Driving features a roadway full of obstacles to avoid, such as discarded takeout containers and rolling baseballs, as players drive Stuart in his little red convertible to the end of the level. In Drain Escape players control Stuart through a maze of pipes as they avoid health sucking insects. Balloon Jump is an up and down adventure as Stuart ascends via balloons to the top of the Pishkin Building to save Margalo from Falcon. In Roof Skate, Stuart gets air as he zips from building to building collecting pieces for his model airplane, which he needs for the final game -- Air Dodge. In this final game, Stuart flies his airplane to the spot where Falcon has hidden Stuart's mother's ring.

Though both Story Mode and Free Play Mode feature the same games, Story Mode presents them sequentially, while Free Play allows players to choose the games in any order (or play one game repeatedly). Helpful items include fruit for extra points, point bonuses for timely finishes and flowers to boost Stuart's health meter. Falcon must be avoided to preserve health in each game. Other features include a bonus gallery for viewing still pictures of movie scenes, printable certificates of achievement, and automatic recording of the top ten scores from each game.

System requirement
100MB Hard Disk Space
4X CD-ROM Drive
2MB SVGA Video Card
16-bit Sound Card
DirectX 8.1


Size 50.5 MB
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