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Rabu, 24 April 2013

Game: Art Of Fighting Emulator Kawak

Art of Fighting​ ; is a trilogy of competitive fighting game titles for the Neo Geo platform was released in early 1990. It was the second race of free game created by SNK, is under the Fatal Fury series and is in the same fictional universe. The original art of wrestling was released in 1992, followed by two effects: Art of Fighting 2; in 1994 and the Art of Wrestling 3: The Path of the Warrior? 1996.

It was the first game against SNK characters long illustrator Shinjiro involved in designing the characters for the later Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters work.

The Art of Fighting series follows the conventions of the time that the player has a variety of opponents in two of the best-of-three matches. Each of the characters in the game have created a unique fighting style and special techniques. The player has two basic attacks and kick and punch a button switches use punches, kicks and blows. A fourth key is used to attack them. Art's contribution to fighting the kind by adding a gauge of the 'spirit' of life shown. As a token of special techniques to make the mind-class and poor special attacks become weaker. Players can also compromise their opponents criticized spirit class.

The art of fighting series was the first series, also against allowing players to attack a super . In the original art of battle, the player learns the character is a super attack (known as a mortal blow super) on completion of a bonus round of play (in technical default in the 3rd game). The three games also offer The attacks of despair, which can be done when the player's health is low and the life bar flashes red.

The seminars have helped to move the scale bar in kind: a point away from each other, the camera zoom out to keep both players on the screen. The previous title fights on the left and right of the screen as an invisible border, the characters can only move so far, except that the width of the screen of anonymity. Scaling allows a wider range of motion, which is limited, Art of Fighting, the edges of the scene. Elf characters in the art of combat changes the battle continued to pressure from more damage, and thus reduce the doing.


Size 36,6 MB

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